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Miskin Law Offices is a Canadian law firm based in Ontario providing legal advice and representing people across Canada with asbestos related illness.  Our message is simple. Asbestos exposure causes terrible illnesses including Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer of the lining of organs most commonly the lungs. Mesothelioma can only be caused by asbestos exposure. It usually develops 20 or more years after being exposed to asbestos fibres. If you come into contact with loose asbestos fibres and inhale them into your lungs they can become embedded permanently allowing Mesothelioma to eventually develop.  This can happen to people who work with asbestos or to anyone who happens to have any asbestos exposure. Often family members of asbestos workers get Mesothelioma.  Some people are not affected at all and others may develop respiratory problems and conditions such as pleural plaques or asbestosis which may or may not later lead to Mesothelioma.  Research is being done about genetic links to Mesothelioma.

Asbestos is a mineral that has been commonly used as an insulator and fireproofer for thousands of years.  Asbestos was mined in Canada since the 1800s and commonly used in this country for multiple purposes until the 1970s. Once the extreme hazards of asbestos became common knowledge most uses of asbestos were banned. Asbestos is still found almost everywhere, although in developed countries the use of asbestos has been banned for almost 40 years.  Older buildings including schools, hospitals, homes, factories and offices are filled with asbestos, which, when disturbed, poses an enormous hazard.  The greatest danger sometimes is when asbestos is removed without adequate precautions to protect people who are present or pass through the area.  After inhalation of asbestos fibres the body encapsulates the asbestos fibres to protect itself from the indestructible foreign intruder. Over time, which can range from 10 to 50 years after asbestos exposure, Mesothelioma cancer can develop.  Mesothelioma is  almost always fatal although life expectancy predictions are quite variable and often not correct.

There is compensation potentially available to all Canadian or American victims of Mesothelioma from asbestos trusts which are based in the United States.  Asbestos Trusts were established after asbestos product manufacturers in the USA (such as Johns Manville, Dow Corning and many others) were sued into bankruptcy.  There are many billions of dollars available to pay compensation and many American lawyers advertising about these claims. Miskin Law Offices is one of very few law firms in Canada involved in providing legal advice and actually making claims from asbestos trusts. These trusts pay compensation to Mesothelioma victims who can establish that they were exposed to their products. Our more difficult cases are ones where a person has no idea where they were exposed to asbestos but still has developed Mesothelioma. It is also more difficult where a person has already died and their family does not have sufficient information of asbestos exposure.  If a person with Mesothelioma died over two years ago time limits prevent most claims from proceeding.  It is best when we can deal directly with the person suffering from Mesothelioma and obtain information from them and have affidavits signed by them where needed.   We need to review a person’s life activities to try to determine everywhere they were exposed to asbestos. The more a person can establish exposure to specific asbestos products the more compensation they can receive from multiple asbestos trusts.  Miskin Law Offices works to get our clients maximum compensation for Mesothelioma but no amount of compensation is enough.  Our legal advice is free. Legal services are provided on a contingency fee basis so that there is no financial retainer required or fee charged until and unless compensation is paid by the asbestos trusts. We do not give our clients false hopes of recovery or getting rich, but we do help people cope with their situation and we deal with everyone affected with honesty and compassion.

Receiving a diagnosis of Mesothelioma from a doctor is like getting a death sentence and is extremely traumatic to the patients and their families.  There is some consolation in being able to receive monetary compensation.  The victims are pleased that their families will be helped to a degree after they are gone.  Some of our clients have received compensation while still well enough to benefit from it by travelling or improving their standard of living.  Some Mesothelioma victims whose exposure to asbestos was in an eligible workplace are eligible for provincial  Workers Compensation benefits and if they choose to receive those benefits they  lose the right to claim from the asbestos trusts. Asbestos trusts pay lump sum compensation and do not pay any medical expenses or loss of income.  They pay lump sum compensation.  Workers Compensation does pay some relevant medical expenses and for loss of income.  You can not claim Workers Compensation and also claim from the asbestos trusts. If you claim from Workers Compensation they may then use their lawyers in the United States to claim from asbestos trusts but they use that money to offset their administrative and other costs and what they have paid out on the claim.  It is important to get legal advice after diagnosis but before applying for Workers Compensation benefits in order to decide which compensation would be of greater benefit in your situation.  With older people past retirement age Workers Compensation pays relatively little. Family members can bring claims on behalf of a relative who has died from Mesothelioma as well. Contact Miskin Law Offices to discuss your situation and get legal advice. We represent clients on a contingency fee and do not require any financial retainer.  Call us and speak directly with Murray Miskin (Press 1) or our senior law clerk Anna (Press 2). Email for a quick response. Put our Canadian experience to work for you.